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Pets @ The Vaux 

Animal companions are welcome @ The Vaux, and our buildings house many.  Residents are obliged to make themselves aware of the restrictions that come with the pleasures of pet ownership in a tightly knit community . . .


Here's what The Vaux Bylaws have to say about pets:

  • No animals or fowl shall be raised, kept or permitted within the Condominium, except domestic dogs, cats, or other household pets, kept within a Primary Unit. No such dogs, cats or household pets shall be permitted to run at large or be kept, bred or raised for commercial purposes or in excess of four (4) per Primary Unit (other than fish). Any inconvenience, damage or unpleasantness caused by such pets shall be the responsibility of the respective Owners thereof. All dogs, cats or other permitted household pets (other than fish) shall be carried or maintained on a leash while within the confines of a Common Element. An Owner may be required to remove a pet after receipt of two notices in writing from the Board of Directors of violations of any Rule, Regulation or restriction governing pets within the Condominium. No animals of any kind shall be permitted to be kept within Storage Units.
    — (Bylaws 7.15)

For additional  discussion, read the pertinent section of the House Rules (page 11):

Pet Waste:

Remember not to let pets relieve themselves in plantings on sidewalks near The Vaux — our condo association is responsible for maintaining them. Please curb your dogs!


Disposal of pet waste is an obligation, and considerate pet owners will avoid using the trashcans in The Vaux courtyard — on warm days even bagged waste produces an unpleasant odor.


Click on the map icon for directions to alternative public trashcans in the neighborhood:

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