To-Do List


Heating & Cooling . . .

Each unit owns a furnace in the ceiling and an air conditioning compressor on the roof. To avoid expensive trouble, it's wise to perform regular twice-a-year inspections and filter changes.

Clothes Dryer Vent Ducts . . . 

Dust accumulates in dryer vents, and it is a fire hazard. Ducts must be cleaned every other year, and owners are individually responsible for doing so.


Moving In & Out . . .

Moving to a new home is a way of life in America in general, and especially at The Vaux, where owners arrive and depart on a regular basis. Every episode is a disruption of daily life that requires the assistance of guards and staff, so moves must be scheduled well in advance.

  • Prior to your move, contact our property manager 14 days in advance to arrange a date & time ...​

  • Moving hours are 8AM to 5PM daily.


  • The fee for moving in or out is $200, payable to Kin Living 14 days in advance of the move. Unscheduled moves are subject to this fee plus a $500 fine.

  • Only a single move is allowed per day to insure one elevator is always available for residents' use.


  • There is no charge for single-item moves — couches, bureaus, etc. — but be sure to contact our property manager so protective pads can be installed in the elevators.

  • At the end of the move all resulting debris must be removed and properly disposed

Rules & Regulations . . .

Please remember: All Vaux occupants — owners, tenants, and guests — are required to know and abide by the rules & regulations set forth in our governing documents. If you're selling or renting, be sure new occupants are made aware of these documents and of their responsibility to comply with the provisions therein.


Architectural Review Procedures . . .

Unit modifications can impact other units. Safety, value, noise suppression, workmanship, insurance, and other factors must be considered when contemplating changes, and jumping through the hoops is not a simple task. Read about the proper procedures here . . .

Prepare a Description of the Work . . .

Figure out what you want to accomplish and write it down.

Prepare Plans if Required . . .

Big changes often can't be understood without actual drawings. (If you don't have a clear idea about the work you intend to do, no one else will either.) To find out if your project is ambitious enough to need plans describe the work you have in mind to our property manager.

Find a Contractor . . .

Contractors who work @ The Vaux must be competent, of course, and they must also be licensed, bonded, and properly insured.

Here's a list of services, contractors among them, recommended by owners who have used them . . .

Prepare a Written Contract . . .

Put the scope of work down on paper, and make sure the contractor agrees in writing to comply with all Vaux standards and practices.

Submit Request . . .

Once you've got your ducks lined up, submit your request and all the documentation you've prepared to The Vaux Board of Directors through our property manager.


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