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House Rules @ The Vaux 

A condominium is a community where people of diverse ages and backgrounds live in close proximity to one another, sharing the common elements of the building that is their home.  In publishing the Rules Handbook it is the sincere intention of the Board of Directors that The Vaux be a true community of neighbors who know, like, and respect each other. 
In purchasing at The Vaux, we all agree to abide by the incorporating Declaration of the Vaux Condominiums, the Bylaws of the Vaux Condominiums Owners' Association, and by all resolutions established by The Vaux Board of Directors.  


The maintenance of the value and the livability of our condominiums require the interested participation of all members of the Association in the quality of life offered here, both as a community in which we participate and as a property that we maintain. 

The rules and regulations linked here below are written informally for easy reference, and do not substitute for the governing documents of The Vaux Condominiums Owners' Association or any resolutions established by the Association's Board of Directors . . .

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