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Recycling @ The Vaux 

Not all rubbish can be reused. Proper recycling requires a willingness to separate recoverable materials from trash that must be placed in a landfill, and the knowledge to understand which is which.  These posters should help . . .

No "Aspirational" Recycling . . .

Aspirational is a term-of-art professional recyclers use. Please avoid casual or hopeful recycling — only use our bins for those items you are sure can be recovered for further use. Many things we wish could be recycled don't pass the commercial and practical tests of the real-world system here in Portland.  


Always remember — sending trash to the  landfill is less harmful than corrupting our recycling bins.

Metal, Paper, Plastic:
No padded envelopes, no tissue paper, no plastic bags, no plastic foam, no 

bubble wrap. Only recycle plastic items that display the triangular recycling 



The Vaux's recycle bins are always at or near capacity on trash pickup days. Please be sure to flatten all boxes. No kidding – this means you!

Remember — no plastic, no paper, just glass in the glass recycling bins!


Rubbish Chutes:
To prevent a terrible mess in our garage, be sure to bag and seal all trash destined for a drop down hallway chutes.

Batteries & Fluorescent Bulbs:

These items contain mercury, a heavy metal poison — recycle into the special canisters. (Exceptions: most lithium, and all zinc-air hearing aid batteries, do not contain mercury, and can be safely trashed.)


Bulky Items:

Large items, like furniture and major appliances, must not be discarded in our garage. Disposing of such things is an owner's responsibility. Take outworn household goods to the Metro Central Transfer Station @ 6161 NW 61st Avenue. (They will accept just about anything!)


Electronic Devices:
Failed TVs and other worn-out electronic gear cannot be discarded, and must be recycled at one of Oregon's special E-Cycle facilities . . .

This is a no-no!

So is this!

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