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Bicycles @ The Vaux 

Living with Bicycles @ The Vaux  is not easy given the limited space  of our units and garage. Moreover, riders must adhere to several rules & regulations, as follows ...


  • Bikes may not be stored on decks, balconies, or patios.


  • Bikes may not be stored at sidewalk stanchions, except temporarily.


  • Owners may not store inoperable bikes, or bikes with missing parts, in any public area.

The Vaux has 2 state-of-the-art bike rooms with spaces for 48 bikes on high quality DERO racks. Storage is secure; access is via our resident access system (Openpath) via smartphone or FOB.

  • Annual Rental Fee:  $60 per year per space.

  • To Renew a Space:  If you currently rent a bike space, renewals are due by December 1 for the following year. Please contact our community manager.

  • To Rent a Space:  If you are interested in renting a space, please fill out the form below – if spaces are available we will notify you, and the $60 fee will be prorated accordingly. If spaces are not available you will be placed on our waiting list. The online form time-stamps your request – so first come, first served! Payment due upon notification of a space.

For more details, take a look here . . .

Any Questions? Please contact Kin Living . . .

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