Renting Units @ The Vaux

The number of units permitted to be rented out is strictly controlled.

  • "At no time shall more than 30 percent of Primary Units be rented or occupied by non-Owner occupants."
    — (Bylaws 7.1.5)

  • The actual number of rentable units works out to 43.

  • Guests are guests for 2 weeks only.  After that they become occupants, and owners must then notify The Vaux's property manager of their name(s), move-in date, automobile description, and valid contact information, just as if they were tenants.


  • If you own a rental unit, it is your responsibility to make sure your tenants & occupants are aware of all the rules and regulations governing life @ The Vaux. If in doubt, direct them to this website for information.


  • Often, 12 years into life @ The Vaux, the maximum number of rental units will have been reached.   However, the Association maintains a waiting list with our property manager, Kin Living  


  • As tenants come and go (and as owners' life plans change) rental opportunities do occur, and owners on the waiting list are then granted rental permission on a first-come, first-served basis.


  • To add your name & unit to the waiting list, contact Kin Living —


  • Permission to rent does not pass from one owner to another upon a unit sale.  The new owner must re-apply and join the waiting list, if no opening is available.


For more information, please read the pertinent Bylaws ...