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Winter Worries

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

12/19/16 – The Vaux has endured its first decade in good shape, but after ten years, wear and tear have their effects.

  • Original smoke alarms are all due for replacement. It's the responsibility of individual owners to change them.

  • Original cabinet door bumpers are rubber, and have flattened over time. To keep your cabinets quiet, it's probably time to stick on new ones.

  • Original appliances are nearing the end of their service lives. Water leaks are a serious and expensive hazard @ The Vaux. Hoses can burst, and at least two washing machines have malfunctioned and overflowed. It's not a good idea to be washing clothes or dishes while you're away from your unit.

  • Now that the holidays are upon us, remember — • wrapping paper cannot be recycled • please bag those trees when it's time to discard them.

NOTE: an obsolete link has been removed from this archive post

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