Wear & Tear @ 10 Years

02/10/17 – The Vaux is now ten years old. Like most big buildings it was designed to last a nominal forty years. (With proper care it will last much longer.) The "envelope" is tough and sound, but some of the items within each unit are reaching the ends of their service lives and need to be replaced.

  • Oregon law mandates replacing all smoke detectors after ten years. They're now due.

  • If your dryer ducts have never been cleaned, it's high time.

  • Incidents of water leakage continue to be reported. Hoses have ruptured, sinks have clogged, clothes washers have malfunctioned and failed to shut off water flows. And there's potential for more and worse — faucets, sinks, dishwashers, ice cube makers, showers, and bathtubss can leak or overflow. Water leaks are an expensive hazard. It's not a good idea to be washing dishes or clothes when you are away from your unit. If you have doubts about your appliances, call a plumber.

  • Furnaces and air conditioners – HVAC units – work hard and are subject to failure. Sometimes an internal switch, sometimes a tiny coolant leak, sometimes worse. Maintenance is the responsibility of the owner, and prevention is a good idea. If you haven't already signed up for regular inspections, please reconsider. Catching problems early can save real money.

  • Natural gas leaks are rare, but several have been reported @ The Vaux. If you smell gas, leave your unit without throwing any electrical switches. Once outside – and not before – use your mobile phone to report the problem to NW Natural. They are eager to help prevent fires and explosions.

  • The Vaux came equipped with incandescent, fluorescent, and halogen lighting when it was built. That was before LEDs became commonly available. You can improve the quality of your household lighting and cut electrical bills significantly by replacing as many bulbs as possible with LEDs.


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