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Water Costs Money – Help Us Save

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

11/3018 – The Northwest has plenty of water, as our often rainy weather demonstrates, but delivering it to our faucets from Portland's Bull Run reservoirs is expensive. The Vaux water bill hovers around $6,000 per month. Last month we did a a little better, and the Board of Directors is hoping to do better yet (and help keep Association costs within budget) by encouraging conservation among our owners and tenants. Here are some things we can do to save:

  • Wash dishes in dishwasher (uses less water than washing by hand);

  • Wash dishes only when washer fills up;

  • Don't leave tap running while washing by hand;

  • Take showers instead of baths (showers use less water);

  • Avoid multiple toilet flushes;

  • Choose drought-hardy houseplants;

And, of course, simply be mindful of all water usage . . .

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