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Video Cameras Are Now Online

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Following recent security incidents in the garage, your Vaux Board voted unanimously to move forward with the installation of security cameras and Wi-Fi in the garage and building lobby areas.

Now operational, these cameras are 4k with very high resolution and are located in the lobby areas and parking garage. Video recording is activated by motion, and data will be stored for approximately 30 days. The video system will be used to record access in the building lobbies as well as parking access points.

The purpose of the video system is to allow after-the-fact investigation of crimes committed on the property. We hope the cameras deter would-be criminals, but the video system is not monitored on a real-time basis and is not intended to detect or prevent crimes as they are occurring. In the event that a crime occurs, owners and/or residents should report the incident to the police. If the police believe that recorded video from the building's cameras would assist in their investigation of a crime, a video clip of the incident if caught on camera would be produced and made available to the police officer who is investigating the case. Recorded video will not be made directly available to homeowners or residents.

The Wi-Fi is available for use by owners and residents in the parking area. To access the Wi-Fi in the garage, find the “Vaux WiFi” and connect - it is that easy. There is no cost for this internet service as it is provided as part of our negotiated agreements with our internet service providers.

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