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Ugly Events @ The Vaux

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

06/26/14 – Not everything is always as it should be here @ The Vaux. At its meeting last night the Board of Directors heard reports of some bad behavior.

Recently —

• Package thefts have occurred in the Savier building. We live in a city, and our "gated community" is not perfectly secure. Thievery should never happen, but it's wise to defend oneself. If you must be away from your unit when a package is expected, enlist a neighbor to pick it up. If it's very valuable, insist on requiring a signature to receive it personally. Alternatively, arrange to pick up packages at UPS or FedEX offices.

• Dog feces have been reported in the courtyard. This violates our bylaws, Portland's pooper-scooper laws, and common decency.

• Smoking has been reported in the courtyard. Smoking is not allowed @ The Vaux. Anywhere. Period.

• Short-term rentals are suspected, based on a resident's conversation with strangers here. Our bylaws specify that no more than 30% of The Vaux's units (43 of them max) may be rented at any time, and never for a period of less than thirty days. Moreover, because there's a waiting list, renting requires approval from our property manager, CMI.

If you know of bylaw violations, please contact the Board — they would love to know too.

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