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Thieves @ The Vaux Garage

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

06/07/13 – Sometime in the last week of May two cars parked in our garage were opened and rifled by a thief, and items were stolen. Both cars were unlocked. At about the same time, one of our residents lost a garage fob. Whether these events are connected is an open question, because the thief's identity is unknown, and our community is less than perfectly gated. It's important to remember that anyone looking for cars to break into has a tempting target at our condo — more than a hundred vehicles nestled out of sight under one roof.

Will this case be solved? Who knows? Probably not, so please observe these safety practices at all times —

• Do not let strangers enter The Vaux. • Stop and observe the garage gate closing behind you on entering. • Always lock your vehicle. • Always report lost fobs immediately to CMI, so they can be deactivated.

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