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The Vaux on Video

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

05/08/20 With heightened vandalism across Portland over recent weeks, The Vaux has not been immune, in particular, in and around our parking structure. As previously communicated, your Board of Directors took immediate action to request greater visibility by the Portland Police Bureau and employ the use of security guards throughout our community during the most vulnerable hours.

The Board has also made the decision to take this opportunity to upgrade The Vaux to a smart and safer community. State-of-the-art networking equipment will be installed to begin future-proofing The Vaux. Initially, this will allow Wi-Fi and security cameras within the garage as well as security cameras in our lobbies and elevator vestibules on the first floor of both buildings. During the week of May 11, you will begin to see workers in our parking structure, around our data rooms and along the first floor as they install this equipment. We expect all work to be completed by month-end, so apologies in advance for any inconvenience you may experience as we make these exciting upgrades to our community.

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