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The Neighborhood Is Changing

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

05/25/12 – In the past few days the New Old Lompoc brew pub and Futon shop have been razed to make way for a new four story building to be constructed by the CE John Company. The pub will re-open there in 2013. Meanwhile, on the corner of Raleigh & 24th Avenue, in the building now vacated by Ellington, a new lessee is seeking approval to operate a "craft beer establishment" to be known as the Native Tap House. This prospect has become controversial among nearby residents. The Vaux Board of Directors is not taking a position on the matter, but if you're interested in individually supporting or opposing this development, click here for an explanatory letter from the lessee; and click here for some helpful online resources. The issue has been resolved: the proposed "bottle shop" has abandoned its lease on the former Ellington space.

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