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Small Improvements

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

07/11/19 – Last year the Board of Directors discovered a small amount of money looking idle and invited Vaux residents to submit ideas for small improvements that wouldn't break our budget.

Many ideas were submitted, some of them were championed by the originators at a spring social gathering, and at the May Board meeting, of the six finalists, not just one, but four were chosen:

• Service carts: they're quieter now; the rattles have been muffled.

• Open door warning: the buzzer at the Raleigh entrance has been silenced. (The Savier electronics are reluctant to allow the change . . . stay tuned.)

• The Hide-A-Key system: it's in place for those looking for access peace of mind.

• And soon, a wall-mounted TV set will take over from the corkboard easels in our lobbies to inform residents of official business.

Life @ The Vaux isn't quite perfect (and never will be), but hopefully we'll see another group of minor improvements in the coming year as the idea of incremental upgrades takes hold.

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