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Security @ The Vaux

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

12/16/12 – CMI, The Vaux's property manager, operates more than a hundred properties, and they have recently noted an upturn in security breaches in the downtown area. Nothing at The Vaux so far this year, but thefts have occurred in the past. Here are some security tips Vaux residents should observe:

• Do not let strangers enter the buildings. As they say in the military, this means you!It may seem rude, but if you don't recognize someone who wants to get in, simply say, "I'm sorry, I don't recognize you." Please remember that your caution helps to keep other residents and their property safe and sound.

• Do not buzz anyone claiming to represent FedEx or UPS or the Postal Service into the buildings. Legit employees already have access privileges. If in doubt, meet the person requesting entry outside the lobby to be sure they are who they claim to be.

• Make sure your storage cage is securely locked with high quality equipment. The Vaux has experienced thefts in the past. If you really want to be careful, double up the locks during the holiday period, which is notorious for petty theft.

• Don't leave packages and newspapers outside your door any longer than absolutely necessary. At least one theft has occurred, and unclaimed items advertise that you are not at home.

• Don't ever leave valuables where they can be seen inside your parked car. Break-ins occur regularly in our part of town.

• For more safety information click here.

• For holiday security tips from The Vaux's insurance company, click this link.

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