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Safety & Security

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

08/21/20 The Vaux (along with other Portland condos) has been under pressure from interlopers for a while now. The surge in break-ins has become a local pandemic (possibly caused by the real one ravaging our country). Each new intrusion is worrisome, but each new intrusion is also a lesson that helps us improve our defenses.

The Association is investing in a series of changes that will steadily improve safety and security over the coming months. Video surveillance is in place, and a new access system is on the horizon.

Meanwhile, remember that no system is perfect, and human behavior plays a big role in keeping us secure:

Don't let outsiders "draft" in behind you through our lobby and garage entrances.

Don't use the ADA door controls unless you're prepared to wait while the doors close behind you.

Lock your car and don't leave anything of value visible inside it.

Pick up packages from our lobbies as soon as possible. (Smartphone apps are available to help you track deliveries in real time.)

In spite of all, there's cause for optimism. Click here to learn more . . .

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