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Recent Board Business

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

03/06/12 – Last week The Vaux Board of Directors convened for their usual bi-monthly session. Among the items discussed:

• Air has been invading the pipes of the Raleigh water feature, threatening to dry out and destroy the pump, and the proposed repair is expensive. To avoid this, the plumbers tried a simple creative fix, and it seems to work. So an expense has been avoided — at least temporarily. Now pump performance will be closely monitored in case the problem recurs.

• More on water features: their good health and appearance is always problematic, especially the one at the Raleigh gate. At the suggestion of our community manager, Nancy La Voie, the Board agreed to appoint our landscape contractor, Dennis Seven Dees, to train our onsite porter in their care and then help maintain them professionally on a monthly basis. The annual cost will approach $2000, but preserve their bubbling beauty and forestall worse expenses.

• A temporary medical dispensation was granted to allow storage of a small folding cart in a resident's parking space, contrary to Association rules. This dispensation expires in six months. (NOTE: residents are already allowed to store their carts in the cart rooms adjoining each elevator vestibule at their own risk.)

• The Board agreed to reverse the swing of the door to the northerly bike room and install an opening limiter for easier access and to help prevent contact with any vehicle in the adjacent parking space. The cost will be just under $1700.

• The Board agreed to Snyder Roofing's proposal to perform preventive maintenance on our roofs. It's expensive — roughly $3,800 — but essential to building integrity.

• We're waiting for city inspectors to decide if The City That Works or the Vaux Association will paint the curb in the no-parking area near our garage gate. We need to thwart illegal parkers who dangerously block the sight lines of exiting residents.

• Finally, our treasurer, Bill Meyer, reported that historically low interest rates on Federal debt obligations (our only legal investment category) mean we're earning very little money on our reserve fund. That will only change for the better when interest rates rise . . . someday!

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