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Preliminary Survey Results

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

04/25/17 – 35 responses to The Vaux 10 Year Owners Survey have been returned and compiled. The results are informative, but since the owners weren't chosen at random, drawing statistical conclusions from the sample is unreliable.

The headlines anyway? All responders have homeowner insurance. More than 90% have visited this website. 43% have either repaired or replaced their stoves, and 34% have replaced garbage disposals. More than half have painted walls, added closet organizers, and almost half have added or replaced light fixtures. 46% own at least one bicycle, but only 29% store them in the bike storage rooms.

For more details, including owner comments, check out the current report here . . .

There's no deadline for submissions, so keep 'em coming, please.

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