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Plumbing Project Gets Underway

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

02/17/16 – Charter Construction and Portland Mechanical have begun staging pipe repairs @ The Vaux garage. Replacement work will get underway in earnest beginning next week. Please be aware of all aspects of the situation that will exist while repairs are being made:

• Keep an eye out for water shutoff notices, and expect occasional dry days as work proceeds. Keep some bottled water handy.

  • When water flows following a shutoff it may need to run for 10 minutes or longer (maybe much longer) to clear up.

  • Aerators and filters may clog. Contact Charter before removal if you want to present evidence of crud to support our lawsuit.

• The garage will be a busy worksite. No speeding in the garage — EVER — but especially not now. And be careful stepping out of your unit — workers and materials may be right outside your door.

• Workers will wear branded gear. Feel free to ask questions. However, bring any real concerns to Lisa Foster, Charter Construction's Lead Homeowner Liaison (do not call CMI):

  • 503 546 2600  x114 (Foster telephone)

  • (Foster email)

• the new pipe is an approved and well-tested plastic called Aquatherm.

• In an emergency only — an obvious water leak, say — call Charter reps in this sequence:

  • 503 546 2600  (Charter office)

  • 503 318 2373  if no response within 15 minutes (liaison mobile)

  • 503 313 7723  after hours (project foreman)

  • 503 867 1150  (backup liaison)

• First floors of both buildings will be heavily impacted. Get ready for ceiling removal in common areas.

• Main hallway corners, where pipes run vertically, will be impacted on all floors.

• For future water shutoffs and other important info, look here →


  • username = The Vaux (2 words with caps as shown)

  • password = Portland (with cap as shown)

• No work is planned inside any unit.

• Project is estimated to finish April 29, 2016.

• Charter requests Vaux residents to provide some contact information to guide their workers. Download the Charter Contact Form from your browser, fill it out on your computer with Adobe Reader, and send it back.

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