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Parklex Project Needs Deck Inspections

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

04/14/13 – Following the Parklex settlement with Composites Gurea, S.A., a contractor has been selected by the Board of Directors to replace more than 300 discolored veneer panels on our buildings. The actual total is uncertain, because visual inspection from the street is inadequate to disclose all the discolored panels on unit decks — and there are 107 decks. These decks must be inspected individually, via internal unit access, before work can proceed.

Ron Kinley, a Vaux owner, has volunteered to supervise these inspections. CMI will arrange a schedule with each owner, and the first inspections will take place starting this week.

In order for this project to complete successfully, owner cooperation is vital. If your unit has a deck, please contact Ilsa Weishar @ CMI no later than April 19 to arrange a time for inspection. This is important — defective panels that are not identified will not be replaced.

NOTE: an obsolete link has been removed from this archive post.

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