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Owners Welcome Daniela Coelho to the Board

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

08/31/20 The annual owners meeting, delayed from April by COVID-19, was held 10 days ago via Zoom. 53 owners registered their proxies, (more than the required 34%), and business was conducted with an impressive 32 participants online.

Janet Schaefer was elected to a second term on the Board of Directors by acclamation. However, Su Elliott declined to renew her seat. Participants in the Zoom meeting expressed their warm gratitude for her service, and Daniela Coelho was elected by acclamation to replace her.

Several committees reported their status:

The Social Committee still has more than $1100 in its budget, because social activities, of course, are currently halted.

● The Architectural Review Committee is looking for members with a professional background in design and/or construction.

The Communications Committee reported over 100 members of our website. Activity hovers at about 100 visits a week. All this for under $300 / year to WIX, our online host.

Interest groups, like our social events, are in hiatus due to the pandemic.

Security is a major topic these days, and The Vaux has experienced an unusual number of incidents during the pandemic. An enhanced access system is now on the radar for the 2021 budget year.

Owners voted to continue the IRS carryover, so money remaining in our budgeted funds at the end of the year (if any), can be applied next year without incurring a tax event.

A meeting of the Board of Directors followed the owners meeting. In addition to the usual mundane business of operating our condo:

Daniela Coelho was appointed to the office of Treasurer.

The Board passed a resolution to ban all use of recreational vehicles skateboards, bikes, etc. within the courtyard, citing explicit examples of the general prohibition against nuisances in section 7.8 of The Vaux bylaws.

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