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Say Hello to the New Vaux!

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

03/26/19 — Welcome to The Vaux's new website . . .

This is an evolution of our previous site. Don't worry, it contains all the same stuff, lovingly preserved and carefully moved to its new home. And now, with enhanced functionality, it is poised to become our community site as well.

The Ning-powered community site which remained active during a brief transition period is now gone for good. The new site brings our online social network and our news and information offerings together in one place.

Here we have a news feed awaiting member comments; a forum for member discussions; plus a gallery of member-supplied photos and illustrations. All that, as they proclaim in the advertising business — And More!

Have a look around — pages, documents, and pictures are accessible on just about any device, be it laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Vaux residents, this is for you!

We want everyone who lives here to participate in our new venture. So, if you're a Vaux resident, sign up, sign in — right over here — then whip up a member profile and join your friends and neighbors online.

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