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New Year's Resolutions

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

The Vaux is a nice place to live, and those who live here are nice too. However, the buildings aren't perfect, and neither are our residents.

Here, then, are some suggested New Year's Resolutions. Please tell yourself to adopt them all:

Be courteous to your neighbors. Vaux floors transmit sounds — especially footfalls — so please moderate movie & music volume . . . and tread lightly.

Don't speed in the garage. Imagine the embarrassment of striking another car, or worse, a fellow resident. The proper velocity is dead slow.

Don't let strangers into our buildings. That is, not unless you can verify a good reason. People who should be here have their own ways to get in.

Flatten all boxes. To our credit, we mindfully recycle a lot of material. That means our recycle bins fill up fast. Help keep them from overflowing.

Return carts promptly after use. We move a lot of bulky stuff in and out of our units, and carts are provided to ease our trips. Don't inconvenience other residents who also need those wheels.

Don't let pets relieve themselves on Vaux property. Accidents happen, and if they do, it's the owner's job to clean up.

Don't leave packages in public areas. Thefts have occurred. Ask neighbors for help if you're away; or insist on a signature for delivery; or use a pickup location elsewhere in the city.

You can find more info on limits to condo living here . . .

Happy New Year!

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