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Good Manners @ The Vaux

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

11/19/14 – Vaux residents are very well behaved on the whole, but some of our protocols and regulations are being overlooked or ignored. So, tiresome as it is, here are some more pro tips:

• Speeding in the garage — this is still being reported. The posted garage speed limit is officially 5mph. Most speedometers don't even register this number. If your car's pointer rotates up off the pin, you're probably going too fast. Slow down, everyone!

• Pet waste on Vaux property — residents are observed to allow their pets to relieve themselves on Vaux property. This is a violation of our bylaws. Please walk your pets somewhere else when nature calls.

• Garage exit etiquette — when leaving the garage, please yield to incoming cars; they have right of way @ The Vaux.

• Garbage chute usage — all waste being disposed of via chutes must be bagged and tied. Loose waste causes a terrible mess and can clog the compactor, forcing costly repairs.

• Flatten recycled cardboard — please take the time to make sure empty cardboard boxes don't fill the recycle bins any deeper than necessary.

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