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Good Citizenship

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

04/18/14 – In the past year an unusual number of units @ The Vaux changed hands. New residents have appeared who are unfamiliar with life here, and some (along with a few long-term owners) may not have read up on the documents that govern the way we live.

In contrast to the circumstances of a detached private house, where personal freedom is limited only by enforceable laws, all Vaux owners have actually signed a contract pledging to behave well. That's right — when you buy a unit here you must formally agree in writing to be a good citizen. All owners, renters, and guests are bound to abide by our code of conduct as stipulated in The Vaux's governing documents. However, all the contracts and bylaws in the world are ineffective if residents aren't aware of them, or willfully ignore them.

Here are five problem areas residents need to be aware of . . .

Speeding in the garage — many residents have noticed this. Nothing could be more embarrassing (to say the least) than a collision with a fellow resident. Think of our garage and its 175 parking spaces as a boat harbor where the speed limit is DEAD SLOW. (It is possible the Board may act to enforce this frequently broken rule by installing speed bumps.)

Recycling & trash — Please remember the drill:

     > flatten all boxes.

     > Don't attempt to recycle plastic bags.

     > Place no paper of any kind in the glass bins.

     > Bag all trash going down chutes.

When these details are overlooked, two things can happen — our onsite porter has extra work, and the recycling company may just send our contaminated materials to the landfill.

Pet control — incidents of pets relieving themselves in our halls, elevators, lobbies, and courtyard have been noted. Pet waste is not allowed anywhere @ The Vaux. Pet owners are required to clean up accidents.

Access — The Vaux is an imperfectly gated community. Thefts and at least one break-in have occured here. No one except residents, guests, or authorized service persons should be inside our gates or buildings. If denying entrance makes you uncomfortable, just say, "I'm sorry, I don't recognize you."

     > If you lose an electronic fob, alert CMI to have it deactivated.

Noisy footfalls — The Vaux walls, floors, and ceilings are elaborately soundproofed, but nothing is perfect. Please be aware of people living below you and tread softly.

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