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Garage Etiquette

09/18/23 – A weak point in The Vaux's spacious garage is the narrow entry / exit ramp with its pillar stuck right in the middle of a sharp turn. As a practical matter, it is impossible for a vehicle to exit while another vehicle is entering, and vice versa.

The solution promulgated by a former Board specified that exiting vehicles should yield to those entering. The current Board believes this principle creates unnecessary inconvenience and with it, anger.

Two problems:

● In general, etiquette dictates people should exit before people enter. This is explicitly the case with most commercial buildings and transit systems.

● It's almost impossible to back down our garage ramp without endangering the sheet metal of anyone's vehicle.

Accordingly, The Vaux Board has decided to revise ramp etiquette. Hereafter, vehicles exiting have priority over vehicles entering. It's easier to back into the street than to back down the ramp. Incoming vehicles must now yield to exiting vehicles already on the ramp.

However, if an incoming vehicle already occupies the ramp, exiting vehicles that haven't yet started up the ramp must themselves yield.

Courtesy and common sense will make these procedural rules second nature. If not right away, then eventually with some experience.

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