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Ebikes Are Rolling

Updated: Oct 11, 2020

09/30/20 rideshare ebikes from BIKETOWN have arrived, and you can find them right around the corner!

They're heavy (60-70 pounds?), a little bit clumsy to handle, have no suspension, have no mechanical shifting, but hey these things are a ton of fun.

A test ride from the Dragonfly all the way up Thurman to the gate @ Forest Park required very little effort. Motoring around the rest of the Northwest area was equally breezy.

Everything about these bikes is a big improvement over Biketown's previous shaft-drive clunkers. Grab the BIKETOWNpdx app and use your smartphone to unlock a ride. The cost per trip $1 to unlock, plus $0.20 / minute. ( That's $12 / hour ).

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