Break-In Reported

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

08/01/14 – Two days ago a break-in @ The Vaux was reported. The unit involved was on the ground floor of the Savier building. Entry was made through an exterior window. Police have been advised.

Please remember that our community is not perfectly gated, and that Vaux residents are occasionally exposed to the downside of city life. Be sure to lock windows and doors when you're away, especially on the ground floor, whether your unit faces the street or the courtyard.

08/04/14 – It appears that on the day of the burglary an unscheduled move-out was in progress, and the east side patio gate was blocked open, leaving other units vulnerable. Please remember that all moves — in or out — require scheduling with CMI, so security personnel are onsite when doors and gates are held open.

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