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Board of Directors Election Coming

07/29/22 – On August 18 2022 at the Annual Owners Meeting, two Board of Directors will be at the end of their two-year terms. An election must be held to fill those seats.

Three candidates have come forward to vie for the two positions, apparently making this the first contested election in Vaux history.

Owners will be asked to vote, and their collective decisions will determine who will serve. In order to choose wisely, it is vital that owners know who they are voting for, so here are our candidates:

● Susan Ackley – an owner of Unit 139

● Sunny Harmeson – owner of Unit 232

● Janet Schaefer (our current Board chairperson) – an owner of Unit 321

Each of these women has completed our BOD questionnaire. What do they have to say for themselves? Please read their responses here . . .

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