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Board Business

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

10/19/17 – At The Vaux Board of Directors meeting on 10/09/17, several items of note were decided:

  • New Board members were appointed to join Ron Bergman, Sara Burton, and Abe Farkas. Sasha Welford recently sold her unit (and thereby automatically became ineligible to serve). Susan Waldron was appointed to take her place on the Board. Ron Kinley is resigning his position at the end of October, and Paul Block was appointed to join the Board at that time.

  • The Board also has decided on allocating their roles. Ron Bergman takes over as chairman, and Susan Waldron becomes our new treasurer.

  • The 2018 udget was approved, and mostly because of a sharp increase in insurance costs, VOA fees will go up 2.9% starting in January.

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