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Annual Owners' Meeting 2013

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

05/09/13 – The Annual Vaux Owners' meeting was held last week, on April 29. Seventeen units were represented in person, which, together with proxies received, constituted a quorum and allowed business to be conducted.

Here are some of the important results:

Election of Officers — Larry Emery and Bill Meyer were re-elected by acclamation to new two-year terms on The Vaux Board of Directors.

No-Smoking Survey — 82 units voiced an opinion on smoking @ The Vaux, and 78% of those were in favor of banning it altogether. (If and when a formal proposal to ban smoking is presented to the owners, it must pass by 75% of all the units to take effect.)

TV Options — Owners now have 3 choices for television reception. Comcast Cable Services, DirecTV Satellite Service, or an Over-the-Air Reception Device (OTARD) for standard channels. After a nominal installation fee, OTARD service is free. Those who have made the switch report that reception is good. For DirecTV and Over-the-Air service questions, and to schedule installation, contact Able Communications @ 503-284-9009.

Repairs — The open soil areas around trees near the Savier entrance have been bricked in — too much dog urine for plant survival. Our emergency power supply is being replaced with a system that is cheaper, more robust, and easier to maintain. And our water heaters are nearing the end of their useful lives; replacements will be needed sooner rather than later.

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