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Access Project Completed

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

03/16/21 – last Thursday and Friday, the ButterflyMX visitor call boxes were installed at The Vaux's main entrances, bringing our new access system to final completion.

Now most of us can wave at readers to enter, actually see visitors on our smartphones before we let them in, and use clever stickers to open our garage gate.

Fobs still work, but each fob, each resident, each virtual key, and each garage sticker is registered in a database under tight supervision and control. These features, taken together, constitute a big improvement in Vaux security. We can all sleep a little easier at night.

Investigating modern access possibilities, designing the new system, and then installing it took a lot of work by a dedicated group. Many thanks to Dru Lynch, our Board Chair; to our Security Committee members, Erin Kester, Matt Spathas, Darlene Nguyen, Michael LeBlanc, Bob Weinstein, and Paul Block; and to Kristina Davis and the rest of the Kin Living/Tross team who also rolled up their sleeves and pitched in.

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