Common Areas @ The Vaux


Decks, balconies, and patios are "limited common elements" that belong to the Owners' Association but are reserved for individual use . . .

  • "Nothing is to be kept on balconies that may detract from the appearance of the building, including but not limited to bicycles, ladders, storage boxes, indoor furniture. No items shall be placed or hung in a manner that would allow the item to fall from or blow off the balcony to the street or roof below."  
    — (Vaux Rules Handbook, page 11)


For more details, see The Rules Handbook ...


The Vaux has 175 parking spaces in its garage, each individually owned, but all subject to Association rules . . .

  • "Parking Units are restricted to use for parking of operative motor vehicles; other items and equipment may be parked or kept therein only subject to the Rules and Regulations. The Board shall require removal of any inoperative vehicle, or any unsightly vehicle, or any other equipment or item improperly stored in Parking Units. If the same is not removed, the Board shall cause removal at the risk and expense of the Owner thereof."  
    — (Bylaws 7.13)

No parking place may be rented or sold for use by anyone who does not own or reside in a unit . . .

  • "Except where permitted by the Act, the Common Elements are not subject to partition, and any purported conveyance, encumbrance, judicial sale, or other voluntary or involuntary transfer of interest in the Common Elements made without the Unit to which that interest is allocated is void."
    — (Declaration 28.2)


The courtyard is one of the main features and ornaments of The Vaux, and it is the Association's duty to maintain it in the best possible condition for the owners' "peaceful and orderly use and enjoyment"  

— (Bylaws 7.26)

  • "The hours during which the courtyard may be used by Owners or occupants of Primary Units shall be generally limited to no earlier than 8 a.m. and no later than 10 p.m., provided, that the Board may allow in writing other hours of use for a special occasion or by appointment. The courtyard may not be used for gatherings, public performances, or commercial purposes without prior written approval of the Board." 
    — (Bylaws, 7.22)


  • No one — no adult, child, or pet — may enter or play in the water features or courtyard landscaping.


  • Smoking is not allowed in the courtyard (or anywhere else on Vaux property).


Bikes are bulky, and storing them in condo units can be trying.  Accordingly, the Owners' Association provides the only permissible alternative, as outlined here . . .

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