Required Supervision @ The Vaux


Children are welcome at The Vaux.  However, please note . . .

  • "For safety reasons, children must be supervised by an adult at all times while in common areas."  
    — (Vaux Rules Handbook, page 6)


Pets are welcome at The Vaux, as long as owners observe the rules set forth in The Vaux Rules Handbook (page 11) and the Bylaws (Section 7.15) . . .

  • Pets are limited to Domestic dogs, cats, and other household pets.


  • Pets must be leashed and attended while in common areas. 

  • Owners are liable for any damage caused by their pets.


  • Owners are urged to prevent their pets from relieving themselves within Vaux grounds or among Association-maintained plants on nearby sidewalks.


  • Owners must keep pets from jumping up on other residents while in common areas.


  • Removing pet waste is the owner's rsponsibility.

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